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Here you will find list of our member doulas, providing support in range of Doula services.

Simply click on search filters to narrow down the list to members meeting your requirements, you can choose type of Doula service and location,

then click on a member to read their full profile.

Support Requirement
Doula Service
Doula Offering Language other than English
South Dublin, I am based in Knocklyon

Addie Croke


Dublin (all areas), Kildare, Louth, Meath, Wicklow

Bertie Hynes

Birth, Postpartum, Fertility, Menopause, Abortion, PAIL

Available for homebirths and cover all hospitals in Dublin centre, south Dublin & Wicklow

Ciara Sherlock

Birth, Postpartum, Abortion, PAIL

Virtual support

Dominique Jones

Birth, Postpartum, PAIL

USA / virtual

Hazel Flint-Jones


Houston, Texas, USA

Jemila Moore

Birth, Postpartum, Fertility, PAIL

Virtual, Florida, USA

Krystal Hassan

Birth, Postpartum

California, Wyoming, Montana

Lital Diament

Fertility, Postpartum, PAIL

Nancy E. Lewis, EdD, CLC

Birth, Fertility, Postpartum, Abortion, PAIL, Menopause

South East of Ireland
(Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford)
Open to own home and/or care homes

Rosemary (Rosie) Saunders

End of Life


Sophia Antoine

Birth, Fertility, PAIL, End of Life, Postpartum

Virtual Support Worldwide

Za’Kiesha Blanks

Birth, Postpartum, PAIL, Fertility, Abortion, End of Life

All hospitals in Donegal County and also available for Homebirths
Donegal County and all NI

Ana Maria Husanu


Home, Birth Center, Hospital

Brittany “Izaranach” Collins

Birth, Postpartum, PAIL

Austin, TX, USA, Hospitals, Home Births, Birthing Center

Cree Kitoko

Birth, Postpartum, Abortion, PAIL

Leinster, Midlands, Dublin and virtual 
Hospital and home births

Donna Murphy

Birth, Postpartum

All hospitals within a 90-minute drive of Maynooth in Co. Kildare. 
Preferably within 90 minutes of Maynooth, but if a woman has a history of sexual violence, I would find it difficult to refuse to work with her.

Hazel Katherine Larkin

Birth, Postpartum, Fertility


Jenny-Lee Masterson

Birth, Postpartum

United States (Boston, MA)

LaMone Downey Leonard

Fertility, Abortion, PAIL, Postpartum


Liz Farrell

Birth, Postpartum

All as virtual, as well as homebirths

Nicki Ament

Abortion, Bereavement, Birth, End of Life, Postpartum

County Carlow

Santa Laudupa

Birth, Postpartum

Victoria Snowden

Birth, Fertility, Postpartum, Abortion, PAIL, End of Life, Menopause

Anika Raghani

Birth, Postpartum, PAIL, Abortion

Virtual supports

Chandra E. Lewis

Birth, Abortion, Postpartum, PAIL, End of Life


Daneita Blalock-Hudson

Birth, Postpartum

Saskatchewan, Canada (VIRTUAL)
Any and All (Virtually)

Elisabeth van der Wilt - Lisa

Birth, Postpartum, Fertility, PAIL, Menopause

Jai Hawkins



Jessica Byrne

End of Life

Available for home births
Hospitals covered: Royal, Ulster, Antrim, Craigavon, Daisy Hill
Cover Belfast, Northern, South Eastern and Southern Trust areas of Northern Ireland

Leslie Altic

Birth, Postpartum

Full spectrum doula support including but not limited to fertility, loss, TFMR, abortion, birth (incl. VBAC and homebirth), and postpartum planning. I am comfortable supporting families who choose to freebirth or birth outside of hospital guidelines.

Lydia West

Birth, Fertility, Postpartum

Boston, MA, USA

Nneka Hall

Abortion, Birth, End of Life, Fertility, Menopause, Postpartum

I am offering virtual support but I am located in NYC, USA.

Shanika “Nique” Clarke

Birth, Postpartum, Fertility, PAIL

Virtual support offered

Yahtiley-Phoenix Bell-Waltz-Ward

Birth, Postpartum, Abortion, Fertility, End of Life, Menopause

NMH, Rotunda, The Coombe, Homebirths
Wicklow and Dublin

Anke Roth

Birth, Postpartum

Austin, TX, USA, Hospitals, Home Births, Birthing Center

Cheyenne Kitoko

Birth, Postpartum, PAIL, Abortion

U.S. Hospitals

Dawn V. Collins

Abortion, Birth, End of Life, Fertility, Postpartum

New York, USA. Virtual

Harriet Mugwiji

Birth, Postpartum, Fertility

Dublin or virtually

Jane Xavier

Postpartum, Bereavement

The state of Florida, United States

Joscelyn Spivey

Birth, Postpartum, PAIL, Fertility

Cork, Waterford, Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Tipperary, Kilkenny, and Wexford, but open to nationwide service. 
I am available to visit your home, hospital, other agreed space, or virtually through Zoom.

Liam McCarthy

End of Life, Bereavement

West Cork, Cork City, South Kerry, Virtual

Melissa Murphy

End of Life, Bereavement, Abortion, PAIL

Robyn Wilks

Birth, Fertility, Postpartum, End of Life, PAIL

Rotunda, National Maternity Hospital

Simone Kenny Glennon

Birth, Postpartum

As needed, available for Homebirths

Zane Laizane Puncule

Birth, Fertility, End of Life

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