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Cheyenne Kitoko


The Tatted Doula

Cheyenne Kitoko

Hello! I am a holistic full spectrum birth, labor, and bereavement doula, educator, and caregiver! My passion came from very own at home unmedicated birth of my son with the assistance of my husband, daughter, and doula. I want to be able to provide the same memorable experiences that I had, if not more, to other families. I full on believe that you deserve to have your birth the way that you want to.

Skills and Qualifications

Empathy, communication, and birthing knowledge.
While offering physical & emotional support, problem-solving, cultural sensitivity, and respecting clients' choices.
Training & certification enhance skills.

Areas Covered

Austin, TX, USA, Hospitals, Home Births, Birthing Center


Virtual Support

Support Offered


Additional Languages

Birth, Postpartum, PAIL, Abortion

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