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How to become a Doula

Steps to Start Your Doula Journey
  1. Find out about the role of a doula here.

  2. Attend an Irish Trade and Professional Association for Doulas Introductory Workshop to find out more about becoming a doula and if it is right for you. These are currently being held online.

  3. From the list of ITPAD Approved Courses listed, choose those that appeal, read the providers’ websites carefully and possibly also talk with the course provider. Choose your course based on how you feel, as well as practical considerations like cost and location.  ITPAD also offers an Alternative Pathway to membership for trained doulas and experienced birth workers.  Find out about this here.

  4. Complete the training requirements from your chosen training pathway.

  5. Apply to join ITPAD by submitting our Membership Application Form. This includes Garda vetting application.

  6. Register your Doula business with Revenue, ITPAD can provide information on this process to assist.

  7. Take out appropriate insurance for the services you will be providing.

  8. Complete the Tusla Child First course link

  9. Once your application has been reviewed you will be notified if your membership has been accepted. Annual membership is free.

  10. Receive and read your ITPAD Welcome Email, this includes links to resources such as sample client agreements.

  11. Read and agree to our ITPAD Philosophy, Code of Conduct and other Policies and Procedures .

  12. Complete your Doula Profile online directory form.  Once you have submitted this it will be published so it is visible to the public and you can be found in the doula directory.

  13. Congratulations you are ready to start providing support as a Doula!

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