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Membership of the
Irish Trade and Professional Association for Doulas CLG

What are the benefits of joining ITPAD?


  • You will be part of the official trade and professional doula organisation representing and advocating on behalf of doulas providing support services to individuals and families in Ireland.

  • You can create a professional ITPAD profile page on our website where you can list your experience, ambitions and training, and can be found using a search of doulas in our Find a Doula directory.

  • Our Find a Doula directory is used by our partners that have signed up to offer Doula support for their employees as part of their Employee Wellness Packages, be hired by a family in your locality and be paid by their employer.

  • Option to be paid using ITPAD Gift Vouchers

  • Option to allow your prospective clients to send out request to their friends and family to purchase an ITPAD gift voucher in order to pay for your services as part of their Baby Gift Registry

  • Automatically included in list of ITPAD members that is sent to hospitals, health centres for PHNs, and other complementary providers

  • Access to ITPAD materials for marketing.

  • Option to attend marketing events such as Pregnancy and Baby Fairs to meet the public and help to promote doula services

  • Attend local networking events with complementary providers such as physios, PHNs, breastfeeding support group representatives, IBCLCs.

  • The Association offers a Doula Community Fund, which is funded from the Associations income. The Doula Community Fund allows a member Doula to book services from other members of ITPAD, for example for Birth, Postpartum support, or other Doula support services. The Doula Community Fund is capped to €800 per request, and is available to Doulas that have been members for minimum of 12 months when choosing to book with member(s) of ITPAD. The member Doula availing of the Community Fund will pay what they can towards Doula support services, though there is no minimum contribution required, and then ITPAD, after validating the request, will top up so the doula(s) providing the support services gets minimum €800.

  • The Association offers a Hardship Fund, which is funded from the Associations income. The hardship fund is capped to €800 per request, in true financial hardship cases. Clients will pay what they can, with a minimum of €100 contribution. This fund is intended for individuals and families on low income with limited disposable income, to help them avail of doula support services.

  • The Association offers an Assistance Fund, which is funded from the Associations income. The Assistance Fund shall be made available for individuals that may be in Direct Provision, Women’s Shelter, or Refuge, seeking Doula support services. A fund of €800 per request, will be made available, with no sum required from the client. The ITPAD doula gets €800 in total from the Association.

  • Join a thriving community of doulas at local, regional and national social gatherings

  • Join doulas at events and conferences often with discounts for ITPAD members.

  • Access to members pages, resources, sample contracts and guidelines.

  • An invitation to our private facebook group and local whatsapp groups.

  • Receive a regular newsletter.

  • The opportunity to volunteer for a variety of roles within ITPAD. 

  • Exclusive ITPAD membership discounts for CPD training courses, conferences and events

  • Exclusive ITPAD membership discounts for complementary services and products, for use by you and your clients

  • Receive branded merchandise such as name badge, cooler bag and annual diary book.

  • Find individual support from a mentor who will guide you through your first experiences as a doula.

  • You can volunteer to give doula support to those most in need through the Doula Hardship Fund or Assistance Fund.


If you would like to find out more about becoming a doula you can book a place on our Introductory Workshop.


Membership cost

Membership is free.


Membership Application Form

Code of Practice

Policies and Procedure Documents:

Download our Employee Assistance Programs and Wellness Initiatives Brochure

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