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Chandra E. Lewis


Chandra The Doula

Chandra E. Lewis

Chandra E. Lewis is a fierce maternal and infant health advocate, patient family partner, full spectrum doula, childbirth educator, grief support specialist, certified peer specialist, and Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor. At 25, Chandra was admitted to the hospital with abdominal pains, laboring, and birthing a stillborn daughter entirely alone. Now she does her work believing that no one should EVER be alone and that every birthing person deserves dignity of care, respect for their choices, and reproductive justice. Chandra also serves as Executive Director of Harambee Village Doulas, a community-based doula agency and doula training program, and as a Community Member on the Dane County Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Case Review Team.

Skills and Qualifications

Certified Birth Doula - Harambee Village Doulas
Certified Doula Trainer - Harambee Village Doulas
Certified Full Spectrum Doula - Birthing Advocacy Doula Training
Certified End-of-Life Doula - Diaspora Death Doulas
Certified Childbirth Educator - Birthing Advocacy Doula Training
Certified Grief Specialist - University of Wisconsin—Madison
Certificate Peer Support - State of Wisconsin
Certified PAIL Advocate - Mother is Supreme, Nneka Hall
PAIL Trainer (in training) - Mother is Supreme, Nneka Hall

Areas Covered

Virtual supports


Virtual Support

Support Offered


Additional Languages

Birth, Abortion, Postpartum, PAIL, End of Life

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