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Shanika “Nique” Clarke


Doula TechNique

Shanika “Nique” Clarke

My name is Shanika (she/her) but in this safe space you may call me Nique (pronounced “Neek”). From the time I was 6 years old I felt a gravitational pull towards pregnancy and birth. Growing up in a traditionally Jamaican household, that means I was destined to become an OB/Gyn. When I reached the end of my high school career, I realized being a medical professional was not the path for me. Upon reaching adulthood, I decided to go into clinical research, specifically clinical trials. My first position was in the Division of Gynecology Oncology and I found myself being drawn towards pregnancy, birth and reproductive health even more than before. During that time a beloved co-worker introduced me to the doula world and some years later, I am now being a full spectrum doula and the happiest I have ever been.

I am professionally trained in the best evidence-based practices to guide, nurture, and support families through all parts of the process. I offer customized care to each individual so they feel prepared and empowered. I graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelors in Biology and Mathematics as well as a Masters in Regulatory Affairs with a concentration in Clinical Research. I will be using my knowledge in both spaces to not only be an effective doula, but to contribute to clinical research around fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum so everyone can be more knowledgeable and to lean into aspirations of being a travel doula.

Skills and Qualifications

MamaGlow Birth Doula Certification
MamaGlow Postpartum Doula Trainee Certification
Mother is Supreme Fertility Advocate Certification
Mother is Supreme PAIL Advocate Certification
Breastfeeding peer counsellor certification in process
Elementary proficiency in French, Italian and Spanish

Areas Covered

I am offering virtual support but I am located in NYC, USA.


Virtual Support

Support Offered


Additional Languages

Italian, French, Spanish

Birth, Postpartum, Fertility, PAIL

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