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Sophia Antoine


Devout Doula Services

Sophia Antoine

Devout Doula Services, founded and owned by Sophia Antoine, is a full-spectrum doula service
passionately committed to empowering all birthing individuals throughout their entire reproductive journey.
Sophia, a highly trained professional, embarked on this path of work with a strong belief in the power of knowledge, empathy, and continuous support. Her practice is rooted in the principle that every birthing person should feel nurtured, informed, and respected during each stage of their reproductive experience - from preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, to any pregnancy losses or terminations.
Having witnessed a diverse array of birthing situations, Sophia understands the unique needs and concerns of each client and tailors her services accordingly. She is not just an advocate for the birthing individual, but also a caring partner, gently guiding them through this profound journey.
Whether you need assistance with birth planning, postpartum support, lactation education, or grief support, Sophia's holistic approach ensures all areas of your reproductive health and well-being are cared for. At Devout Doula Services, our mission is to support, enlighten, and inspire birthing individuals, helping them experience their reproductive journey in a way that aligns with their personal desires and beliefs.
In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Sophia's steadfast devotion and seasoned expertise make her a trusted partner for all your doula needs. She's not just devoted to her profession, but also to every birthing individual she works with, hence the name 'Devout'. Let Sophia Antoine and Devout Doula Services help you navigate your personal reproductive journey with confidence, compassion, and dignity.

Skills and Qualifications

Emotional Support Skills
Pain Management Techniques
Childbirth Educator
Breastfeeding Guidance
Cultural Sensitivity
Advocacy Skills
Postpartum Care

Areas Covered



Virtual Support

Support Offered


Additional Languages

Birth, Fertility, PAIL, End of Life, Postpartum

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