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Anika Raghani


The Baby Doula Co LLC

Anika Raghani

I have a lifelong affection for children, but I didn’t start as a doula. Even though my professional life kicked off with a decade-long career as a fashion stylist in Bollywood, my love for caregiving is something I have always had. While working in the fashion industry, I started feeling a strong urge to do something different – something that gave room for my caregiving nature to shine.

I decided to take up teaching yoga. That was after completing training in Thailand, Rishikesh, and Mumbai to become a yoga instructor. Once I became a yoga teacher, I took a step further to receive additional training as a Postpartum Doula to increase my scope of expertise while working with pregnant women.

My passion for providing doula services found purpose while teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga. The experience of guiding and connecting with women taught me that a woman’s birth and postpartum stories become a permanent and critical part of who she is.

That newfound knowledge of women’s struggles with childbearing and how it affects us inspired me to give myself to the cause of serving and supporting mothers.

Skills and Qualifications

Birth and Postpartum Doula
Lactation Educator Specialist
Certified Yoga Instructor (1500 hrs)
Certified Nutritionist - Meal planning support
Infant Massage Support

Areas Covered


Virtual Support

Support Offered


Additional Languages


Birth, Postpartum, PAIL, Abortion

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