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Lydia West


Lyddie Doula

Lydia West

As a full spectrum doula I offer my care and support throughout the perinatal period. Fertility, loss, termination, antenatal, birth and postnatal. I’m here for you through all of it.

I'm committed to helping you figure out what’s right for you. My intention is that in choosing to work with Lyddie Doula you feel supported and held, confident, informed and autonomous.

I’ll help you to develop an understanding of your options. We'll take a holistic approach, drawing on the best available evidence to inform your decisions. Together we’ll explore, question and prepare in a non-judgemental environment. We'll work to ensure you are ready to advocate for your choices when you need to.

I'll encourage you to lean into your intuition. You are the expert on your body and what's right for you.

My service is as unique and diverse as the families I work with. I'd be honoured to be by your side on this path, whatever that looks like for you and your family.

I’m originally from Ireland. The eldest of six kids, I grew up surrounded by a phenomenal community of women supporting each other through pregnancy, birth and child-rearing.

I have two young children. They are wonderful little people who surprise me, challenge me and bring me joy every day. Before having them, I was a card-carrying member of the infertility club. My own journey to parenthood involved pregnancy loss and IVF. I understand the additional complexity that this can bring to your conception journey, pregnancy and parenting.

My experiences in bringing my babies into the world was the catalyst to my becoming a doula. But for me, being a doula is also about activism and social change. Birth work is an incredible touchpoint for lots of things that get a fire going in me; intersectional feminism, reproductive justice, anti-rascism, inclusion.

Above all, I’m a doula because physiological birth gets me fizzing. It’s just so incredible how birthing bodies work. I will never cease to be amazed by it. Being able to support people in this phase of their lives is such an immense honour and privilege.

Skills and Qualifications

Doula Training with The Original Birth Connection
I am currently a mentored doula whilst I complete this accreditation. I chose to do my doula training with the OBC, led by the fabulous Alex Burner. I could see that the course was a good fit for me as it was intersectional, trauma informed and expansive. I participated in the masterclasses below as part of the course.

OBC Masterclasses
Birth Physiology led by Kemi Johnson (Kemi BirthJoy Johnson)

​Cultural Competency and Advocacy, led by Illy Morrison (Mixing up Motherhood)

Perinatal Trauma, led by Hayley Coburn (Mother of Pearl Doula)

LQBTQ+ Competency In Birth and Beyond, led by AJ Silver (The Queer Birth Club)

Caesarean Birth, led by Carolyn Holt (The Caesarean Birth Specialist)

Tongue Tie and Infant Feeding, led by Carmelle Gentle (The Tongue Tie Centre)

Masterclasses and Courses
Biomechanics For Active Labour, led by Shellie Poulter (The Serenity Doula)

How to safely support traumatised parents in your care, led by Alex Heath (Traumatic Birth Recovery & College of Perinatal Emotional Health)

"Rebirth" Mindset Workshop, led by Carmen Rocha (The Quantum Birth Doula)

Introduction to Hypnobirthing and Trauma Informed Birthwork led by Sheryl Wynne (Simply Natal Healing Birth)

Attendee at the Microbirth Summit 2023 (12 hours CPD on the physiology of birth, breastfeeding and the microbiome)

Birth Trauma Training Programme (Make Birth Better)

Areas Covered

Full spectrum doula support including but not limited to fertility, loss, TFMR, abortion, birth (incl. VBAC and homebirth), and postpartum planning. I am comfortable supporting families who choose to freebirth or birth outside of hospital guidelines.


Virtual Support

Support Offered


Additional Languages

Birth, Fertility, Postpartum

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