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Daneita Blalock-Hudson


4 The Journey Birth & Postpartum

Daneita Blalock-Hudson

Daneita Blalock-Hudson is a mom, foster/adopted parent, entrepreneur, coupon extraordinaire, community advocate and Doula. For Daneita it is nothing more amazing than seeing life being given and helping families with the transition. Daneita has worked to teach families that they have a voice and that they are their greatest advocate, not only for themselves but for their baby and futures. Daneita's passion in this work started 6 years ago and has now resulted in over 100+ families, babies & births. 4theJourney Birth & Postpartum services, is a business that is committed to providing support for all, by providing education, empowerment, advocacy, and community resources.

I also have a virtual postpartum mom group for BIPOC families.

Skills and Qualifications

Specialise in teen pregnancy, AMA, substance abuse, and families experiencing infertility.

Areas Covered



Virtual Support

Support Offered


Additional Languages

Birth, Postpartum

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