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The Irish Trade and Professional Association for Doulas CLG is a not for profit membership organisation that promotes, develops and supports doulas. We welcome Doulas providing range of supports, including: Antenatal, Birth, Postpartum, Fertility, Abortion, Pregnancy and Infant Loss, Menopause, End of Life.

Introducing Our Association

Our association is dedicated to providing support and resources to doulas in Ireland. We believe in the power of doulas to provide compassionate care to expecting and new parents. Our membership association offers a variety of services, including training and development, networking opportunities, and advocacy for the doula profession. Join us in our mission to promote and support doulas in Ireland.

Introducing our law firm

Popular Doula Services

Antenatal Support

Our doulas provide individualised support to expecting parents during the antenatal period. We offer education, coaching, and emotional support to help parents prepare for childbirth.

Birth Support

Our doulas provide continuous support to parents during childbirth. We offer physical comfort measures, emotional support, and advocacy to help parents have a positive birth experience.

Postpartum Support

Our doulas provide support to new parents during the postpartum period. We offer education, breastfeeding support, emotional support, and practical help with newborn care.

Fertility Support

Our doulas provide support to individuals and couples struggling with fertility. We offer emotional support, education, and advocacy to help navigate the complexities of fertility treatments and reproductive health.

Latest News & Updates

April 2024 - Exhibitors at the All Ireland Maternity and Midwifery Conference

The All Ireland Maternity and Midwifery Conference provided networking opportunities with maternity hospital staff as well as other healthcare workers. A great event at which to raise awareness of doula support and benefits of collaboration with other health and wellbeing providers.

March 2024 - Private Midwives Ireland Collaborative Partnership

Introducing a new Collaborative Partnership, with an offer to give cashback of €150 to any client that books with Private Midwives Ireland and a Doula that is member of Doula Association of Ireland CLG.

February 2024 - ISME

The Doula Association of Ireland CLG is now a member of ISME.
This allows our trade and professional association to promote our members and the services provided on a greater scale to large audience. 

Our Members Employee Assistance and Wellness Programmes are promoted to employers.

January 2024 - Free Membership Offer

Free Membership offer to join the Trade and Professional Association for Doulas providing support to individuals and families in Ireland and Northern Ireland!

December 2023 - european doula network

Delighted to announce that our trade and professional association has become members of the European Doula Network, now representing Ireland.
The european doula network has a number of resources "useful for doulas, healthcare professionals and for those considering enlisting a doula to support them or their loved ones."
european doula network: Connecting • Supporting • Informing

November 2023 - BGI Insurance

BGI Insurance offers our members a reduced premium through their discounted insurance scheme, as well as the Foyht membership benefits. €10 discount for our members on the cost of their annual cover.

October 2023 - Workshops

The ​Doula Association of Ireland CLG arranged a number of workshops for our members this month:

  • Tax Compliance

  • Website Design

  • Launching your Doula career

  • Tusla Children e-learning programme

The Doula Association of Ireland CLG also hosted a Pregnancy and Infant Loss remembrance coffee morning for our members.

September 2023 - Partnership with VBAC Link 

The Doula Association of Ireland CLG has partnered with the VBAC Link, who have generously created a 10% discount offer that was made specifically for our doula members and their clients. This gives 10% off already discounted price for standard (non deluxe) courses for doulas and to their VBAC mamas - it covers the parent course too. The code expires Oct 28, 2023 so sign up soon!

August 2023 - Launch of Employer Partnerships

Every type of company – from SMEs to large multinationals – are beginning to offer greater range of wellness programmes as a part of their overall employee benefits package. Traditionally, workplaces concentrated their resources for workplace health on physical or safety benefits. Today though, the need for initiatives focused around mental health is becoming vital. Research shows that promoting workplace wellness benefits such as physical and mental health has significant benefits for both employers and employees.

Doula services include both in person and online support, as well as workshops. Our members can offer tailored packages for employers to facilitate the provision of support services as part of Employee Assistance Programs and Wellness Initiatives.

Download our Employee Assistance Programs and Wellness Initiatives Brochure

July 2023 - €800 Doula Community Fund

The Doula Association of Ireland CLG has launched a Doula Community Fund, which is funded from the Associations income (members subscriptions and course bookings). The Doula Community Fund allows a member Doula to book services from other members of the Doula Association of Ireland CLG, for example for Birth, Postpartum support, or other Doula support services. The Doula Community Fund is capped to €800 per request, and is available to Doulas that have been members for minimum of 12 months when choosing to book with member(s) of the Doula Association of Ireland CLG. The member Doula availing of the Community Fund will pay what they can towards Doula support services, though there is no minimum contribution required, and then the DAOI, after validating the request, will top up so the DAOI doula(s) providing the support services gets minimum €800.

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