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Anke Roth


Anke Roth - Birth & Postpartum Doula

Anke Roth

Hello! I’m Anke Roth, a dedicated birth and postpartum doula and certified life coach based in the beautiful Co. Wicklow, Ireland. With a passion for supporting families through the transformative journey of childbirth, I offer compassionate, personalised care that meets the unique needs of each client.
My journey into the world of doula services began with my own experiences as a mother of three, having given birth in both Germany and Ireland. These experiences have provided me with invaluable insights into different maternity systems and the challenges faced by newcomers. As a native German speaker fluent in English, I specialise in providing culturally sensitive support to both English and German-speaking clients, ensuring clear communication and a deep understanding of their needs. I believe in empowering parents with evidence-based information and holistic care.
My services include comprehensive prenatal consultations, where we work together to create a birth plan that aligns with your preferences and needs. During labor, I offer continuous emotional and physical support, advocating for your birth choices and helping you navigate the process with confidence. My postpartum care focuses on breastfeeding support, emotional wellbeing, and newborn care, ensuring a smooth transition into parenthood.
In addition to my doula services, I am also a certified life coach. This enables me to offer a unique, holistic approach to your wellbeing, helping you navigate not just the physical aspects of birth and postpartum, but also the emotional and psychological challenges. My life coaching services provide you with tools and strategies to manage stress, set and achieve personal goals, and find balance during this significant life transition.
With a background in the corporate world, I also understand the unique pressures faced by busy professionals. I provide tailored support that fits within hectic schedules and addresses the stressors of balancing work and family life.
My mission is to empower women and their partners to achieve informed, positive birth experiences and to support them in their broader life journeys.
Whether you are a first-time parent or expanding your family, I am here to support you every step of the way.
Reach out to learn more about how I can assist you on your journey to parenthood and beyond.

Skills and Qualifications

Certified Doula: Extensive training and certification in birth and postpartum doula services, Homeopathy and Breastfeeding, ensuring professional and knowledgeable support.

Certified Life Coach: Accredited life coach, providing tools and strategies for emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Bilingual Services: Fluent in both English and German, offering culturally sensitive support and clear communication for diverse clients.

Personal Birthing Experience: Mother of three with firsthand experience giving birth in both Germany and Ireland, offering valuable insights and empathy.

Holistic Care Approach: Expertise in traditional doula services, homoeopathy, breastfeeding support, and emotional wellbeing, providing a comprehensive care package.

Corporate Background: Experience in high-pressure roles within major tech companies, understanding the unique needs of busy professionals and providing tailored support.

Advocacy and Communication: Skilled in advocating for clients’ birth preferences and facilitating effective communication with healthcare providers.

Crisis Management and Resilience: Strong ability to manage high-stress situations, ensuring calm and reliable support during labor and postpartum.

Network of Professionals: Established connections with lactation consultants, paediatricians, and mental health providers for comprehensive care and referrals.

Prenatal Consultation, Continuous Labour and Birth Support, Postpartum Care, Breastfeeding Assistance, Newborn Care, Life Coaching

Areas Covered

NMH, Rotunda, The Coombe, Homebirths
Wicklow and Dublin


Dublin, Wicklow

Support Offered

In Person, Virtual

Additional Languages


Birth, Postpartum

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